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Agent Xperience


Agent Xperience

About AX

About AX


What is the agent xperience?

Simply put, it is a concierge platform which allows you, the realtor, to seek assistance with your marketing needs from the Agent Xperience team. We help with graphics, newsletters, flyers, postcards, video creation and design, as well as social media design and set up. We can create a brand for you and keep it consistent across all your marketing. Each team member will work with you to design marketing that best represents you as a Realtor.

The services break down into 3 main facets…

#1 Social Media

We design and setup each social media channel including customized graphics and branding consistency.

#2 Technology Advice & Counsel

You will be given 5 “Help Desk” type calls per month. We will help you with simple IT support issues. This is not a full blown IT Support Help Desk.  We consider this to be “Diet IT Support”.  If it is something simple that can be handled over the phone, we will do it. Some things will need more in-depth help so we will give you advice on what you can do next.

#3 Marketing

We will create customized marketing collateral...

  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Yard Signs

These designs are for you to use however or whenever you want to help with branding consistency across all of your marketing pieces. You will have access to our in-house multimedia marketing team.


The Team

The Team

Renee Rovai

Director of Consumer Experience


jason frazier

   Chief Information Officer 

george fagundes

senior VP of marketing


Greg Johnston

Marketing Technical  Associate        

andy gloria

director of prime services